wait wait wait
[The device clicks on with a hiss of static. Listening ears are immediately greeted with the sound of canine panting. A low whine. Rustling.

Not too far away, a groan is heard.]

Timmorn's blood... My head. This whole forest reeks of magic gone bad. [A short, undignified snort.] The smell burns the nose... Chokes out anything else...

Skywise? [A beat of silence. A worried sound.]

Oh... Nightrunner? What have you got there? [A low whine, static as the communicator is handed over.] ... What sort of rock is this?

Permissions Post
mysterious elf eyes
Sending - a way of sending telepathic messages between elves. They must be within a certain distance of each other (unless there's a very special connection, like the twins Ember and Suntop) and I believe that unless one has telepathic abilities, they can't send or hear sends unless the sender expends a great deal of energy.

Sending is harmless!

He can't read your thoughts unless you let him, and even then, he can only see what you want him to see.

Just comment here!

no way
How am I doing with him? Praise, concrit, advice all go here!


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